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3 Ways to Avoid Rain Gutter Repair


There is no doubt that gutters are an essential part of homes, and very useful when it comes to protecting certain areas from raining water. A broken gutter system in another hand can be frustrating, costly, and sometimes require multiple attempts until completely repaired, even when done by professionals.

Find out now, the 3 ways to avoid a rain gutter repair.

Rain Gutter

1. Quality of the Material

It sounds obvious, but there are still a lot of homeowners that will try cheap materials for their gutter systems, and because of that, they could ruin its performance.

Typical choices that will break

- Hangers

Since gutter hangers are responsible to support the entire gutter system, it’s not a good idea to buy poor quality hangers, or with older designs, which is not adequate for newer gutters segments model.

  • Avoid materials that can rust

  • Select galvanized steel options

  • Verify if the shape is adequate for the gutter segment

Gutter Coil

Choose the right thickness for your gutter. For aluminum gutters: 0.027″ or 0.032″, less or thicker than this range can easily break with certain weights, or be too heavy to hold, especially with heavy rains.

Also, gutter corners with a thinner or thicker coil will make it difficult to install, therefore more likely to create gaps.

Choosing quality material will certainly avoid gutter repairs and will increase the lifetime and performance of your rain gutters for years!

2. Professional Maintenance and Installation

Installing gutters may seem an easy task. It is encouraging to try or just hire anyone up for the job. The problem with this is that individuals with no experience in leaking rain gutters, sagging gutters, gutter overflow, will not be able to adjust certain things the way they should, to avoid these problems.

You will find 3 types of gutter companies:

Cleaning Only Company

From a professional perspective, this is the number one company to avoid. If a gutter company doesn’t offer repairs or installation, it means they don’t know or don’t want to apply for any reasons they might have (usually favoring themselves, not the client), the necessary skills to do them.

Usually, gutter cleaning only companies, also are the ones to create a bigger number of damages, since they can hire anyone, just like we said in the beginning, once they don’t need the expertise for the job.

Installing Only Company

This is number two to avoid. Installation companies that do not offer repair, are also favoring themselves since they clearly focused on volume and profits. Some companies have enough expertise though since they have been doing this for so long.

The question is, if gutter repairs are not offered, what happens if the installation goes bad? Can a professional ever come back to finish it?

Cleaning Installing and Repair

Now if you are truly looking to avoid repairs, this is the right company to go with. A company that offers gutter cleaning and repair, as well as professional installation. That is a great sign of:

  • Expertise

  • Responsibility

  • Commitment

  • Quality Guaranteed

Our company offers exactly all three services described for aluminum gutters.


Professional gutter maintenance will also help avoid unnecessary gutter repairs. Hiring inexperienced workers for your gutter maintenance can be risky and costly.

  • Danger with ladders

    • Carrying them inappropriately around your residence

    • Touching ladders directly on gutters, while forcing them as a technician steps up

    • Risky moves and dangerous strategies that could cause a technician to fall

  • Bad approaches to a simple problem area

    • Forcing hangers breaking the right leveling

    • Use of non-waterproof sealing

Now, the lack of maintenance can be worse than hiring non-professionals. Leaving gutters uncleaned, clogging pipes and draining areas, will result in gutters overflow, causing certain areas to break.

3. Tree Maintenance and Control

The third way to avoid gutter repairs is to watch trees nearby your home. Before a tree or beach falls towards a house, it is common to have some previous signs that it will eventually happen.

  • The noise – do you hear a dry wood noise coming from a tree on a windy day? That’s a sign that it might not be healthy and it may be falling.

  • Inclination – Noticing ongoing inclinations is another clear sign a tree or a branch might be approaching a fall.

  • Distance – long branches that keep growing and getting distant from the tree, will eventually fall because of its lack of support.

Just taking a looking around once in a while might not be able to determine if a tree or a branch is about to fall. For that reason, a Prunning company may be a good option, for homeowners that reside close to trees.


The only way to avoid repairs is prevention and professionalism. Once services are done, they’re done, and unless it happens by natural causes or time, gutter damage will always be the responsibility of whoever installs and maintains gutters. 

We offer free visits to estimate your gutter services onsite. No obligations!

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