Cleaning Gutter

Time is up!

Welcome to the high season gutter cleaning! This is the time of the year we all know well. Not only time to get a cleaning just to “clean”, but also for the importance of preparing for the winter.

With gutters full of leaves, tree branches and even roof dusty, there’s a great possibility of water accumulation, which will most likely cause problems in a gutter system, as well as damages on surroundings. It seems like a simple and well known issue, but when winter comes, the low temperatures freezes the water that can’t go away, causing the feared “ice dam”.

The same happens with downspouts. The accumulation of debris will block the water, that with a quick temperature drop, will create blocks of ice.

The problems is not just the ice, it’s the ice, plus time. Because of all of the blockages, the water won’t flow, and wet debris will freeze easier and more often, in this case, conserving the low temperature with the existing block of ice taking longer to melt.

A downspout has a clamped line in the back, that closes it as a pipe. This clamped line will usually pop right open because of the ice inside a downspout.  It’s like a soda can inside of a freezer.

When winter is gone, the water will start to run on the outside of the downspout or elbows connecting to the gutter segment. Depending of the location this connection is, it can go from annoying to costly, dripping or pouring every rain.


It becomes a vulnerability when the water cannot go away, causing infiltration in the roof, water dripping in gutter corners and back of the gutters, also rotting fascia board and more. An as said, affecting integrity of downspouts.

This is kind of the last call of the year to make sure a gutter cleaning will save a home owners on repairs and headaches. Not mentioning the danger and difficulties involved in a process of a service performed on this season.

Have a safe and nice winter, not having to worry about any gutter issue. We’re here to guarantee gutter system performances for the entire winter! You’re one form away from registering with a company that doesn’t do cleaning just to clean, but to maintain and make gutter systems functional!