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Gutter cleaning prices

Fair or not fair? How much should gutter cleaning services cost? That’s one of the most relevant questions before a gutter cleaning service. But in this short article, we are using our expertise to describe important factors that will help you determine if the cleaning service is fairly priced and how to stay away from suspicious offers.

The first thing to know is that gutter cleaning companies have to work with as few variables as possible, in order to provide more efficient and faster quotes. For example, if every quote, would require a free visit prior, it would increase transportation costs, plus a technician for the visits, which would end up increasing prices instead of adjusting for more volume.

It is important though to have a clear idea of what should be the main scope of this service before concluding how much it should cost.

What is included in a gutter cleaning?

There are different types of professional gutter cleaners, but not a lot of complications, since most homeowners are only looking to get clogged-free gutters. They aren’t, sometimes, very concerned about the number of services being offered within a gutter cleaning deal.

A basic gutter cleaning should offer at least three-point cleaning:

  • Removal of all debris
  • Unclog downspouts
  • Basic roof edge cleaning

Now, if you are really looking to avoid gutter services in a near future, you should also consider a couple of other steps, such as:

  • Inspection
  • Testing (using water)
  • Regular cleaning

What should be used for gutter cleaning services?

Most professional gutter cleaners won’t use more than a ladder, a bucket, and a hose for complete cleaning. Gloves are also part of the list of materials, and they’re very helpful in protecting the hands of the cleaners from insects, cold temperatures, sharp debris, and broken pieces that might cause injuries.

Determining prices of a cleaning process

Now that you have a better understanding of the labor and materials to be used, you are ready for the next step, so let’s identify the surrounding elements that usually define a gutter cleaning cost.

House Size

It’s no surprise that the bigger a house is, the more expensive your gutter cleaning cost turns out to be. But there’s a better explanation for that.

The bigger a house is, means more areas to cover and protect with the use of gutters. There will always be a chance for more or fewer gutters, but on average, the increase of square footage will almost always increase the length of gutters. Therefore, it is fair to get started on pricing based on the house size.

House Height

A one-story house, two-story, three… a house height is another important consideration since higher homes increase the risk and time for the same kind of cleaning in a lower property. So again, another important fact to consider basic part of the pricing process.

Types of Roof

Some gutter companies, also use the variable of types of roof in order to determine ease of access to the gutters. In that case, the more slippery or sloped the roof would be, the more costly the service.

Houses with inclined (sloped) roofs, will also get a more expensive price, since the technician will have to carry the ladder around, instead of using the roof to quickly access various points of the gutter system. This will increase time and effort for the process.

House Location

On a hill, or too close to a building or another property can become extremely difficult for a technician’s access, which may also contribute to a price increase.

Houses’ location might be a differentiator in the price, but most of the time only in particular cases.

Real Cost to clean gutters

Now finally the numbers! From a starting price and on, here is our pricing table based on only two of the four variables presented above (house size and house height):

up to 1,400sf 1,401sf - 2,500sf 2,501sf - 3,600sf 3,601sf - 4,500sf Above $4,500
$159 - $199
$200 - $299
$250 - $399
Above $425

You must be thinking, why only two variables, size, and height? Well, the type of roof or house location, might not change on an average house in the areas we serve, so chances are we will get very few situations that would need an increase in price.

Can I pay for a professional gutter cleaning service by the hour?

In our opinion, it wouldn’t make sense. Most gutter cleaning companies charge flat pricing for a gutter cleaning job, considering for example if a company is just starting out to clean gutters, their gutter cleaning costs are based on the number of hours they use.

But the problem is that they’re just starting out, and will be charging to take longer when performing the service, while the more experienced company, naturally would be faster, getting paid less than the inexperienced.

Paying per linear foot

Gutter cleaning prices can also be measured sometimes per linear foot. And of course, it has its benefits, but it can also be kind of unfair in different scenarios.

Imagine a single-story home, with an extensive gutter segment. It would immediately bring the point of ease of access in the quote, but because it is based on the length, it would end up at the same price as a two-story home.

Identifying red flags for gutter cleaning costs

It’s normal to different prices offered, it should NOT be normal when it’s extremely low, or excessive.

Here’s a list of reasons why someone would charge super low prices when cleaning your gutters.

  • Because they’re NOT gutter professionals, and they are already doing other services in your home, such as painting, landscaping, etc.
    • It’s a red flag, because a lot of times, gutter cleaning services are not included in a contract with them, so they can easily neglect their participation in case of damages.


  • An individual or a group that is not insured or has any responsibility with the public, or their community.
    • No discussion on this one. Not being insured, can bring terrible problems regarding property damage, or legal issues regarding the workers.

Gutter companies that work with volume. They have to meet certain numbers daily, which creates a rush, and most of the time affects directly the services.
A red flag for not being loyal and speeding things up, leaving clogged gutters or downspouts, affecting communication, performance, and vulnerability to accidents.


Gutter cleaning does not require great qualifications, but it’s all about the comfort and convenience of having your local gutter cleaning service company come in, spending dedicated time as professionals, cleaning, inspecting, and advising you about the conditions of your gutters and potential issues. That’s the best gutter cleaning services any company can offer!

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