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How important are gutter cleaning services for you? This is a question that might determine how much you will save in the future avoiding problems you don’t even think are related to your gutters.

Because of that, we’re presenting 4 important gutter cleaning facts that homeowners need to know or to be reminded of.

  1. What could be called “efficient gutter cleaning”?
  2. Consider hiring gutter experts
  3. Cleaning before repairing
  4. Choosing the right gutter cleaning company


1. What could be called efficient gutter cleaning?

To start off, gutter cleaning services will only be efficient if it meets the expected results for a cleaning, which will be two things only, removing all of the debris accumulated, and unclogging downspouts to unblock water drainage. That’s the most common gutter cleaning service offered in Massachusetts. 


2. Consider hiring gutter experts


Your house might not need a gutter repair or installation, but it will often, certainly need a gutter cleaning service. Considering this fact, anyone can climb a ladder and clean their gutters, what not everyone can do is detect critical problems that are silent and costly. A single gutter cleaning done by a professional, can spot areas that overflow, and potential problems for fascia, soffit, and siding, not to mention the gutter itself.

When a homeowner should consider calling gutters experts?

  • When not too sure if can reach certain spots of the gutter
    • This becomes a safety threat
  • When there are no appropriate ladders
    • Smaller ladders, no stabilizers, and other factors
  • When experiencing irregular water flow in any part of the gutter
    • Such as overflowing, watermarks, etc
  • When want to avoid future problems
    • Cleaning is NOT inspecting, and some things could pass along without being noticed. Professional eyes will have their value

Years of experience and roofer workers are considered to be 2 great factors to contribute to the formation of gutter contractors technicians, but how to detect that?

  • Avoid suspicious low prices (it means no insurance)
  • Directories that offers multiple individuals or companies (it’s a bidding game, who pays more gets more views, so not always top quality ones will be in top positions)
  • Individuals or companies that you can’t track back online (how are you going to contact this business or person if anything goes wrong?)
  • Can find pictures plus reviews (it became really easy to get fake reviews online, ask for pictures and real references for bigger jobs)

Would you rather have someone that is working with no commitment or interest in reputation over companies that worked years and will be there for good and bad reviews, caring about their relationship? We don’t think so…

Concluding, experts can spot problems easier and will recommend only what works, which can save time and a lot of money! Start considering complete, safe, and yet fair prices for gutter cleaning solutions for your home.


3. Cleaning before repairing


A lot of times we get calls from homeowners convinced that their gutters need some sort of repair. We know exactly why the urge when there’s a malfunctioning gutter. To make it cheaper and more accessible, they often tend to ask for repair and cleaning on separate dates, which makes sense for savings but can end up costing more.

Well, unfortunately, this is a not recommended solution. A gutter cleaning followed by water testing with hose or buckets of water will show a lot more than applying a repair in a single and isolated area, especially when the rest of the gutter is fully blocked and downspouts clogged preventing regular water flow. In fact, a gutter cleaning might lower final costs when done before. Yes, that’s true! If after a regular cleaning, everything seems to be working properly and no technical issues are found, once the blockages are gone. It will be worth waiting for a while to see if the problem persists, but technically speaking, 70% of the time, problems are gone!

Of course, this is only applicable if the gutter problems are not clearly visible and the gutters are cleaned. Let’s say for example, if a tree branch falls right over the gutter, leaving that segment visibly destroyed. That would not be a case to do a cleaning first. Now, another example is a leaking corner or pouring areas… when clogged, the water will easily find its way around.

Try cleaning first, repairing second, and see how surprised you will be by the results!


3. Choosing the right gutter cleaning company

As mentioned above, choosing the right gutter cleaning company are usually coordinated in the following order:

  1. Insured
  2. Great Reputation
  3. Active online (Social Medias, websites)
  4. Shows their faces
  5. Can be easily traced back
  6. Have customer service
  7. Good prices

In reality, many homeowners are looking for gutter cleaning cost, and we don’t blame them for that. But know that if the other items are not on the list for the chosen company, things can get stressful and complicated later on. Choose right today, Hands-on Gutters is the fastest growing gutter cleaning services company in Massachusetts.

Get a free quote today!

Try our 4-in-1 cleaning, and avoid surprises with gutter issue in the future.

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