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Is gutter leaking always associated with gutter damage?


The straight answer is no. There are a few reasons why you should need a gutter leak repair, but they are not always associated with damaged gutters. Leaking rain gutters usually have different reasons:

  • Poor installation
  • Wrong gutter size
  • Absence of flashing
  • Damages

These reasons can cause different leaking gutters problems. For example:

  • Overflowing – Causing external leaking (front and back)
  • Spaces – Open gaps causing interior leaking
  • Behind – Underneath gutter (between gutter and fascia board)

Poor Gutter installation

Poor installation is actually number one on the list. When installing a new gutter system, there are a variety of possible things that can go wrong, starting with the size of the gutters chosen for the job. Understand how problems are related to the three reasons mentioned above.


Gutters Overflow

Wrong gutter size

Knowing that there are three basic aluminum gutters sizes, 4in, 5in, and 6in, sometimes homeowners try to get cheaper options by lowering gutter sizes, which won’t be enough to collect all the water coming from the roof on time to drain it, causing major gutters overflow. The adequate sizes will be bet. 5in and 6in, since 4in is not recommended, even for smaller houses.

Wrong leveling

Not enough pitch will accumulate water, causing water pools that will only raise their levels based on rain intensity.

Small drainage wholes

Good gutter sizes, the right pitch, but with a small drainage hole will cause the same problem. Too much water to handle on time will cause gutters to overflow.



Even though we do NOT recommend anything other than seamless gutters, there are old gutter systems that have connecting points right in between segments, which will likely need patching over time. Connecting two ends at the wrong leveling will create spaces and leaking gutter seams.


Even for seamless gutter segments, inside or outside corners is important to conduct the water around properties that have multiple sides. Again, this is the number one place leaking gutters problems will start. Leaking gutter joints can be caused by wrong assembling or poor gutter sealant application.

Old caulk remnants

Old caulk remnants can easily create unglued spaces, creating a passage for the water to flow under tine but existing spaces.

Behind Gutters

Clogged Gutters

No flashing

Depending on the type of roof, terminations, and drip-edge, among other facts, there is a great possibility that the running water that comes from the roof will go behind the gutters. For that reason, flashing installation or sealing is almost essential.

Caulking or Sealing

Sealing is an important part of a gutter installation, and when done poorly, or with cheap sealant can be one of the causes for leaking gutters. This problem can happen behind gutters, or at the corners.

Wrong assembling

When assembling downspouts and elbows sometimes can be tricky, and end up with the wrong terminations, placing the upper gutter part to connect, covering the outside of the receiving piece, which is part of leaky gutters problems. The water will run down the pipes and because it is connected surrounding the lower part, the water will find a way out.

Damaged Gutters

Damaged gutters are not unusual, but are the least of rain gutters. That is because the main reason associated with this problem is an incidence or accident, usually by weather conditions, falling trees or branches, and even by inexperienced gutter professionals.

Natural damage causes

Falling trees or branches can hit gutters causing not only visible damages but also unseeing problems that may lead to leaky gutters. Loose gutters, sagging gutter, are visible, but problems with hangers, detached corners, holes, and others are a bit more difficult to catch.

Unprofessional Damage Causes

Did you know that simply hitting a gutter direct with a ladder can cause problems? Professional gutter cleaners must have adequate equipment, and in this case, stabilizers, so the ladders will not even touch the gutters.

Gutter Leak Repair

To be able to fix leaking rain gutters, a technician must be experienced and must have worked in gutter repairs before. It must sound too much, but the truth is, the details will make sure that the gutter repair is good to solve the problem.

Most gutter cleaning companies don’t offer to fix leaking gutters, since they know how difficult it can be to stop permanently without bigger kinds of repairs.

Fixing leaks is sometimes more difficult than a gutter replacement since you have to work with at least three steps:

  • Evaluate
  • Test it
  • Isolate problems


Not every gutter leak is about damages, and most of the time can be fixed without a complete or section replacement. To avoid problems like leaky gutters to even brand new gutter installations, get a professional gutter services company for the job. This will at least save you from the lack of expertise and professionalism first. But if time or damage is the main reason here, call Hands on Gutters for your gutter repair services.

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