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Updated in Feb 15th of 2022


Please read these Terms and Conditions (“Terms”, “Terms and Conditions”) before using the ​https://handsongutters.com website’s forms (the “Service”) operated by ​Hands on Gutters​ (“us”, “we”, or “our”). Your access and submission of information to and use of the Service is conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these Terms. These Terms apply to all visitors, users, and others who access or use the Service. By accessing or using the Service you agree to be bound by these Terms. If you disagree with any part of the terms then you may not access the Service.

Submission of information

By submitting any information on this website, there’s no obligation for any price matching, or pre-described price given to any of the jobs we perform. Therefore, we don’t guarantee prices through our promotions or forms. Prices are only valid when an official “quote” (estimate) is submitted from our customer service.

4-in-1 Gutter Cleaning Service

Our “4-in-1 gutter cleaning” service is consisted of three additional services, plus a gutter cleaning. Four services in one visit, or job, for the price of one gutter cleaning.

Program description

Program rules

The “4-in-1” gutter cleaning is our standard and only cleaning method, it will be applied in all properties, no exceptions. The only reason why we may not apply it, is if water is not available at a property, per client’s request, or due to low weather temperatures (below 38°F).

Minor repairs doesn’t not include anything that will take longer than 5-10 minutes of repair. IT DOES NOT INCLUDE gutter parts, and additional parts will be charged separate from the “Gutter Cleaning Service” estimated price.

If at any time we noticed a major repair, or anything that will require extra time and cost, we will advise on site, and most of the times, we’ll be able to add to our main job task on the same day. In case additional time is not available, we will schedule a second visit, as a separate invoice and job.

Another important thing about our gutter cleaning, we do provide 30-days of guarantee on our cleaning. In case we’re called back on any property, we will evaluate for free, and in case the issue is not related to our previous work, there will be extra charges for the visit and repair. A minimum charge of $30 will be applied.

See You Later Program

The “see you later” program is only valid to the specific service of “Gutter Cleaning”. Any other type of services such as repairs, installations, will NOT be tied to the program.

Program description

Any homeowner that needs gutter cleaning services for more than once a year, can simple contact us for a second or third (or more) time to request a gutter cleaning normally.

The program will provide discounts based on location proximity, meaning, as close the client is from another client receiving the same kind of services (gutter cleaning), the more is the discount.

Here are the radius and percentage of discount equivalent to them:

Program rules

The promotion is only applicable under the conditions determined here:

Program Legitimacy

Although the program is only valid by trusting our customer service for closer areas, it is of our best interest to get jobs closer from each other for best timing results. Another thing is, we can share the street name, which will trigger the promotion, that way customers will know why they getting that specific percentage off. Our team will do it’s best to impress on the discount for the second cleaning, so that is something we will be looking to give, when searching for the best matching date and time.

We will never share specific information from any client of our database as a prof of legitimacy of this program, or any other program. More on that in privacy policy page.

30 Days of Guarantee

We offer a 30 of guarantee window for any job we’re hired for. This will only apply for issues and other matters related to previous work done by Hands on Gutters. In case there’s nothing related to previous work performed, there will be an additional charge of a minimum of $30 for the visit.

The guarantee we offer is valid for any signs a client may interpret as poor performance, or incomplete work done. Any event after the job is concluded, that’s NOT related to the tasks performed, are NOT included in the 30-days guarantee. Ex.: Tree falling over a gutter, broken rotted fascia, disruption of a gutter, or anything that is related for the time of use, or natural causes. 

5 Years of Guarantee

The 15 years of guarantee seen on the Seamless Gutter Installation Page DOES NOT apply to all occasions. A client will have a full evaluation done prior to offers of guarantee. A minimum of 3 years of the guarantee are applied in every gutter installation service automatically.

Services and Payments

Our services and payment methods are complying with the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Law, and also described below: 

  • Services Agreement – Our services are performed in the exact description provided in our latest estimate or in the job’s description, saved in our database. Our clients will get the exact services described. The service may be altered per customer’s request while our team is working onsite, but this might only be possible based on a verbal agreement and modification in our system, to enforce what needs to be done. Our technicians are not allowed to change the scope of the job in any way without customer’s consent and approval first, as well as the management’s approval and consent.
  • Refund or free services – We DO NOT offer refunds after a service has been rendered! We are glad to go back on job sites to review and reconfigure anything to meet the service agreed, but we do not offer refunds or free services due to dislikes or non-technical interpretations about the specific service.

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