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Do I need a Gutter cleaner tool for a good cleaning?


The short answer is no! Gutter cleaning tools might be helpful on some occasions, but definitely not the most effective way to clean your gutters.

In this article, we will present some of the gutter cleaning tools available and their promises to do well helping out with a gutter cleaning.

Gutter Cleaning from the ground

Gutter Cleaning from the ground

The idea behind a gutter cleaning tool is the same as any other behind instruments or tools we use. Make people’s life easier, while keeping quality on results. So thinking of the obstacles and problems cleaning a gutter, everybody agrees that the main problem with cleaning a gutter is the height.

No one likes to be up on ladders, especially those who are afraid of heights. So to eliminate that issue, some gutter cleaning tools were designed to clean from the ground.

Extension Pole

Extension Poles

An extension pole is the first tool to think about, in order to perform a gutter cleaning from the ground. It is used to connect whatever tool there is (if it is a vacuum or a pressure washer based tool) to the gutters.

Power Wash Gutter Cleaning

Pressure Washer Based Tools

Most pressure washers will come with the pressure washer wand and gun, but in order to clean a gutter, it will need a pressure washer attachment (pole) to allow the tip of the gun, to fit the inside of a gutter.

Pro Telescopic Water Fed Pole with Curved End

This is a tool that allows water pressure inside your gutters. It is controlled from the ground, forcing a user to hold it higher depending on the gutter height.

Telescopic water wands are a good way to get rid of any leaves or other material that may have accumulated in your gutters over the course of autumn. But, you will clean downspouts before using this kind of product, which brings more effort and less effectiveness.

The Pros

You do it from the ground, and the water pressure is sufficient most of the time, to unclog downspouts and stuck debris.

The Cons

You cannot see what is going on up there, meaning, if something is wrong, you would only find out when it gets worse. The water pressure can damage or remove the gutter seal, leaving open spaces for water leaks. Also, it can clog more your gutters, because it will constantly push debris forward.

Gutter Cleaning Scoop

Collecting tools

Collecting tools will make sure to suck or literally just collect debris. This kind of gutter cleaner tool can have two types of products. The cleaning spoon and scoop, will not allow you to execute the task from the ground and the vacuum. When It is connected to a pole might work well.

Cleaning Spoon and Scope

A gutter cleaning spoon and scoop are intended to avoid the use of hands while cleaning a gutter. It seems a good thing not to get your hands dirty, but sometimes it may not fit in all kinds of gutters, because of the hangers or the size of the gutter itself.

The Pros

It will keep your hands warmer in the winter when gutters have ice. Collecting frozen debris with a tool such as a scoop, for example, can minimize the use of your hands.

The Cons

It will not fit in every gutter size or depending on how distant the hangers are from one to another, which will certainly slow down the job.


What about sucking all of the debris from a gutter segment!? It would be a great idea if it was not for clogged gutters. Wet debris tends to get stuck, causing water overflow, and cleaning gutters have to include unclog services.

Same as the power washer, in order to use this tool, you need a wet dry vacuum attachment, so it will reach higher points.

The Pros

It will not clog your gutters, since it sucks up all the debris.

The Cons

The air might not suck enough to bring heavier or compiled debris, in that case, there could be a lot of leftovers after regular cleaning. It might not be possible to unclog downspouts while cleaning your gutters depending on the type of attachment and gutter cleaning tool it is.

Blowing Tools

The last type of gutter cleaning tool to talk about is the blowing tool, most known as “leaf blower”. You can choose from different shapes and sizes, and this is one of the tools we like the most because it can be used in combination with a hand through cleaning services.

This tool, is perfectly able to blow wet leaves or piled debris, and it is usually used by professionals in a professional gutter cleaning service. Take a look on our article “the importance of a professional gutter cleaning“.

The Pros

It pushes all the debris out of the gutter, not only forward. With the blower nozzle connected, it blows specific corners. It is great to reach a little further to also clean the roof and corners you might not be able to reach. Also, it can reduce the time of an entire gutter cleaning by half, if used right.

The Cons

By blowing leaves from a gutter it can be messy, spraying mud from deteriorated debris all over. Believe it or not, if it is strong enough, a commercial blower can blow shingles out your roof, leaving gaps behind.


When it comes to gutter cleaning, you can always choose cheaper and easier methods to clean your gutter, but they will not always guarantee the quality, and that is something you want to make sure you have to avoid all sorts of annoying problems you may have.

The best gutter cleaning tools we find to be effective, are combined with services. Therefore, a great tool can and does exist, but it is always connected with a great technician. Looking for a gutter cleaning quote? Reach out to us!

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